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What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a complete suite of productivity and communication tools for your company. Get the Cloud version 100% free, the plan includes unlimited users and comes with 5GB worth of online storage. With this software your team remains focused on getting results that drive smarter decisions.


Today the business faces the question of how to continue working effectively in the new environment. Not all companies have a plan of action on how to properly organize an effective online space. We will help to make the transition to online comfortable, keep the speed of work processes and not lose control. The most effective help to business from our side - a ready solution to organize the process of customer service and create optimal jobs.


online office

  • Helps to work together
  • A single workspace for work and communication throughout the company.
  • Comfortable scheduling and meetings with colleagues.
  • All working documents are stored on the disk.
  • Video calls for up to 24 people

Tasks and projects

  • Help you keep up on time
  • The task to put very easily! Just do not forget to do it.
  • Bitrix24 will remind you and help you complete the task in time.
  • Use different methods: My plan, cannon, Gantt chart.
  • Convenient sorting of tasks by activity - keep the focus on the most important thing.


  • Helps sell more
  • Automate sales with the most comprehensive set of tools for sales, marketing and analytics.
  • All calls, emails, customer chats on your website and social networks are stored in CRM.
  • CRM guides the customer through the funnel itself, from first contact to a successful transaction.
  • CRM marketing helps strengthen initial and re-sales.

Contact Center

  • Helps to communicate
  • Single chat for communication with clients from messengers and social networks.
  • Your Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, phone and mail are connected to Bitrix24.
  • Contacts, all correspondence and conversations with customers are stored in CRM.
  • No potential customer will be lost!
  • You answer your customers quickly and where they feel comfortable.

Sites and stores

  • Help sell
  • A simple designer of selling websites and online stores.
  • Already have an online chat, callback, application form.
  • All customer contacts from the site and orders from the store are immediately recorded in the CRM.
  • The whole history of communication is preserved.
  • You do not need hosting.
  • The site created in the constructor, ready and working!
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