Speech-to-text is a speech recognition technology developed on the basis of modern machine learning methods. 

The technology allows converting audio stream into text in real time. 

Main characteristics

  • Speaker Independent 
  • Recognition accuracy - up to 84% 
  • Customizing for a given topic 
  • Offline work 
  • Dictionary - 500 thousand words


The service allows for three-factor authentication

  • registered phone availability 
  • voice match 
  • sync with the text sent 

It is based on an original technology that allows

  • reduce the voice sample size to five seconds. 
  • surpass a similar solution from an international company on a standard MOBIO Database data set 
  • run everything on the CPU 


A mobile device or a low-power device can recognize a set of predefined sound events. 

An audio event identification module has been implemented:

  • baby crying
  • dog barking
  • broken glass
  • gunshot
  • fire siren

Possible use:

  • Security and alarm systems
  • Implementation of a specified scenario based on an audio event (switching on video cameras, switching on lights, sending alerts, initializing diagnostics of equipment status)


  • Child crying - 96%
  • Dog barking - 94%
  • Glass break - 92%
  • Sound of fire/smoke detector - 98%


Determining whether the replicas belong to the system is an important component of speech recognition.
Correct diarrhea allows you to better adapt to the peculiarities of pronunciation and accent and qualitatively divide the statements of different people. The technology will find application, in particular, in creating subtitles for video recordings.
Properly recognized speech is easier to translate into other languages, which, for example, will be useful for online training courses.
And the ability to process sounds in real time will allow you to do so even live.
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