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The main idea of the company is to make data mining a mass phenomenon. Since the foundation of the company, we have not lost our leading positions in the technology market, working on projects that require in deep analysis. Analyzing structured and unstructured data, building predictive models and training specialists in this area are only a part of our company's capabilities. We believe that data mining - a new way of working with information that can become as familiar as using a text document or searching the Internet.


 Python, Scikit learn, Numpy, Pandas, Revolution R, Azure ML, SPSS Climentine, Knime, Vowpal wabbit, CNN, LSTM, DNN, Café, Theano, Tensor flow, Rule based, Bag of words, TFIDF, Latent semantic analysis, Word2vec, Doc2vec, Spark, Hadoop, MlLib, AWS (Redshift)


CYBER DATA CONTROL has over 7 years successful experience in the AI market, over 45 projects for 10 industries: medicine and pharma - 6, banking -3, industrial production -5 , oil&gas- 7, IT - 3, security - 4, retail - 9, media -9, telecom - 5, logistics – 2.