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"You lose clients and money every day due to employees' violations of rules, regulations, and even theft"

Cyber Data Control is a neural network that sees violations and provides you with conclusions for making management decisions

How it Works

The CDC neural network automatically analyzes the video stream from cameras, selects events, and provides you with facts in a convenient way

Industry solution


Shop/Trading network


Shopping center



Bakery / cafe



Dealership / service STATION

Medical center / clinic

Beauty salon


Production company



Warehouse without a storekeeper

Dairy farm


High precision
With an accuracy that is not available to other systems it recognizes objects in difficult conditions and identifies events with a minimal probability of error.
Easy integration

Easily integrates with ACS, CRM, cash register SOFTWARE and other IT systems of your company

Flexible setting

Allows you to create complex scenarios for monitoring and fine-tune video analysis modules and reports specifically for your business processes and tasks

100% verification of events

Any data presented in reports can be checked against related video clips

Equipment available

Works on most of the equipment of an average price category (no need to install expensive CCTV cameras)

Guarantee confidentiality
It can store data both in our secure cloud
and on your servers

System interface


Due to the accuracy of event detection and minimal false "noise" in the data provided by the system, you can view violations from 5 hours of video in 1 minute. It is convenient to extract any types of events for all controlled objects.


CDC reports are clear and useful to the security Manager, Department managers, marketer, Director, and owner. Reports can be accessed via secure channels from anywhere in the world. The system promptly signals critical events.

OCR and video analytics

Face Detection
Video Tracker

The module detects faces on an image (in a video stream), performs multiobject object tracking and filtering of a series of images by quality with sending the best of them to an image processing server.

Processing Module pictures

Image vectorization, recognition (identification and verification, gender and age classification) Convolution NN (Cellular Neural Networks) + FRIS classifier (a classifier based on the function of competitive similarity)



Qualitative snapshot, setting of algorithm accuracy thresholds. Additionally - control of liveness (object alive).


Verification by voice + check of the set sequence of numbers (output on the screen, send to the phone).

Portrait segmentation

Portrait segmentation technology is essential for intelligent photo editing, such as creating a "bokeh effect" in portraits or replacing the background.


  • neural network - "end-to-end"
  • accuracy = 98.4% (IoU)
  • model size = 24 Mb
  • processing time = 180 ms on a Snapdragon 835 processor (1 core)

The traditional binary segmentation approach does not allow for high-quality segmentation with fine image detail, resulting in edge effects and causing customer dissatisfaction.

Technology Expasoft with alpha-matting based on a single neural network (end-to-end), which takes into account the transparency of the hair, features of the background and allows you to create effects of excellent quality.

20 days

Average payback period for CDC implementation

>750 000

Revealed disciplinary violations

>150 000

Revealed economic violations

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